Nothing to report at the moment...but come back soon!

Monthly evening meetings:

Psychic Development:
2nd Wednesday each month at 7.30pm


15th July 2018: The Wisdom of the Heart led by Altazar Rossiter PhD. Full details...

Saturday 8th September 2018: Finding Peace in the Storm Workshop with Lucinda Drayton. Full details here.

15th September 2018: Past Life Regression Workshop. Keep the day the free! Full details to follow.

23rd September 2018: Workshop with Alex Wenman. Full details to follow.

30th September 2018: Red Tent Day with Louise de Caux. Details to follow soon.

6th October 2018: Esoteric Iris Analysis workshop with Chrissy Gray. Full details here.


Take a look at the latest events hosted by the Cambridge Inspiral Group, Click here...



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