Invisible Interactions: Managing your Sensitivity with Altazar Rossiter

~  Is living consciously in the everyday world a challenge to your Sensitivity? 

~  Are you overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others?

~  Do you get drained in negative environments?

Managing your sensitivity is about managing your energy AND your energy field. Psychic protection is only a part of this and can often be isolating.

Learning to manage your energy field is a bit like going to the gym and building a muscle you didn’t know you had. It’s not part of any school curriculum, so it’s completely excluded from a mainstream mindset. This is why we give our power away without even noticing until it’s too late and we feel exhausted.

This event will explore the processes by which you give your power away to situations and people. We’ll share some simple practices for staying centred in your own energy. AND we will clear some of the basic unconscious conditioning that causes you to surrender your power without realising it.

Led by Altazar Rossiter PhD
Author of Developing Spiritual Intelligence


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01 Sep 2019


10:00 am - 5:30 pm



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Abington Barn
52 North Rd, Cambridge CB21 6AS
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