Cosmic Creativity Awakened: A Magical Astrology Workshop

Learn how to read the stories in the stars so you can uplift and inspire your friends & family with astrology readings

During this workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about the signs & planets to be able to weave their energies into insightful Astrology readings.

In this fun-filled, immersive workshop you will:

🌟Enter an enchanting world where you will start to hear whispered messages from the universe revealing the magical poetry of Astrology.

🌟Discover the secrets behind the zodiac and understand what your star sign really means, so you can tell other people insightful details about their astrology chart.

🌟Participate in fun games and exercises that will make Astrology easily understandable to beginners (and deepen your knowledge if you already have some experience)

🌟Learn the technical details of Astrology and instantly know what the calculations of the signs and symbols of mean.

🌟Create your own beautiful Astrological Art that shimmers and sparkles with arcane knowledge (even if you don’t consider yourself an artist)

🌟Learn how to decode the positions of the planets and translate your friend’s & families birth chart into relatable, resonant readings that will help them see themselves reflected in the stories of the stars.

Imagine being able to share fun meanings and happy readings when you see your friend’s star chart. You’ll be able to tell them all about the magic of their personal planetary placements; What is their life purpose? What is their soul calling? What challenges will they face and what gifts do they have that will help them overcome them? You’ll be able to transform the mundane into the magical as people light up with fascination and wonder at your stories about their stars. 

If this speaks to you then please bring your soul magic to the party. It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend and we would love to have you come along. 


The price of the workshop is £195. The price includes an astrological presentation folder containing printed notes and fill-in worksheets for you to keep. Your presentation folder will also include your personal birth chart.

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners but those with experience will also learn new approaches, understandings and skills.

This is a 2-day workshop held over the weekend of Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June 2024.

Arrive at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start – 6 pm finish. (It’s very important we start on time for astrological reasons)

Please bring a packed lunch on both days. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. (Please let us know of any dietary requirements or allergies)

Upon booking, please provide your birth date, time and location so your Birth Chart can be printed for your folder. (If you don’t know you’re birth time you will not get every detail, but you will still get a personalised chart)

Your Instructors are; 

Mandy on the Moon

Mandy is Cambridge’s Premier Tarot & Astrological Consultant. She has taught hundreds of students the art, craft and science of using the signs and symbols of Astrology & Tarot to provide accurate and insightful readings. She runs a busy practice outside of Cambridge where she sees clients for private readings, and students for beginner to advanced lessons & she is frequently hired as the entertainment to provide readings for guests at all kinds of parties, gatherings & formal events. She is also a familiar face at the country’s MBS fairs and festivals.

Matt Beech 

Matt Beech is a Mystic from Cheshire. Matt uses the ways of the mavericks, magicians, and mystics to help people transcend the polarities and paradoxes of life resulting in numinous experiences, expanded consciousness, and self realisation.


To Reserve your space please email [email protected] 



15 - 16 Jun 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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Abington Barn


Abington Barn
52 North Rd, Abington, Cambridgeshire, CB21 6AS
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