Psychospiritual Counselling Launch Event

Invitation to Launch Event

When: Tuesday 27th June
Where: On Zoom
Time: 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

To reserve a place contact Thomas Marty at: [email protected]

The Institute of Psychospiritual Therapy is a new Cambridge Counselling training centre for those interested in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness using a non-prescriptive psychospiritual framework.

In addition to counsellor training, we offer professional membership of the Institute to qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. Membership includes access to a range of monthly CPD exploring spirituality in psychotherapeutic contexts and offers an opportunity to connect with others who share your interests and passion.

What is psychospiritual counselling?

Psychospiritual counselling includes the major approaches to counselling and psychotherapy as well as a range of metaphysical approaches and spirituality. Psychospiritual counsellors work with recognising links and patterns from the past, difficult thoughts, and behaviour, and looking at the potential in each person towards growth, self-acceptance, and healing. The aim of psychospiritual counselling is for people to be empowered to express themselves in the world using their own meaning and inner wisdom, with authenticity expressed through the integrity and wise use of their gifts, skills, and knowledge.

We are pleased to offer a Level 4 Diploma in Psychospiritual Counselling (10 months, 248 hrs study); classes starting in September 2023. Classes will be held at Abington Barn, near Cambridge. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to apply for our Level 5 Diploma in Psychospiritual counselling, classes to commence in September 2024.

Is this training for me?

Psychospiritual counsellors co-create and hold a sacred space for the personal unfoldment of meaning and self-exploration for their clients. They see that all life is inherently personal, but also interconnected. They support clients to build their own unique, flowing relationship with spirituality and the world around them, organically, without force.

Psychospiritual counsellors work with non-ordinary or expanded states of consciousness where a person’s awareness of time, space, and personal identity may be distinctly altered through sober and where legal, non-sober means opening up the realm of possibility for personal growth and transformation. Psychospiritual counsellors support a client’s exploration and trust their process.

If this way of practicing counselling appeals to you, come join us!


27 Jun 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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