The Full Sound Bath – Journey into yourself

Join us for the Full Sound Bath concert led by Leszek Sulich, on gongs and Tibetan & Crystal Bowls as a journey of reconnecting to yourself.

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The Full Sound Bath – Journey into yourself
Leszek Sulich and Sounds Of Harmony

The Full Sound Bath concert led by Leszek Sulich from Sounds of Harmony will be the first, event opening series of workshops and retreats – the “Journey into Yourself”, that will lead you to reconnect with yourself, help to know yourself better, teach you the various methods and techniques of going inwards towards experiencing more peaceful, relaxing, contented relation with your-self.

All the information about the place and how to get there, you will find on the web:

We will start the workshop with a Moroccan tea ritual and a sweet treat; it will be time to get to know each other, reset and open up to experiencing high vibrations.

Full Program:

From 5 pm

We invite you to our space for informal chats, meeting new friends and organizers.

5:30 pm
We will start the workshop with a Moroccan tea ceremony and a sweet treat – a ritual of hospitality, slowing down the rhythm of the day and entering a state of relaxation.

6:00 pm
We will begin to prepare for the meditative journey through light breathing exercises.

6:10 pm
The Door will be locked !!!!!

6:15 pm
Leszek Sulich will introduce us to deep meditation through the sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, and other ethnic instruments.

Around 8:00 pm
Back to the world – light stretching.

Opportunity to share your experience from the concert.

The Tea Ceremony
Participation in the ceremony is therapeutic – it helps you relax and inspires you to cherish small things like tea, and enjoy its fragrance and sweet taste with greater enthusiasm. The cultivated slow brewing process, Moroccans call “Inshas Allah” or “With God’s will, all good things come with time.” It’s a great reminder to slow down, relax, be patient, and really feel the world around us with all of your senses.

The Sound Bath
The concert on gongs and Tibetan bowls is a kind of sound bath that has a beneficial effect on the entire body, both physically and mentally. The vibration generated from the gong stimulates the feeling of peace, helps to release tension and blockages, even deeply embedded in our cells. The sounds of the gong reach us not only through hearing but also through the sensation of acoustic vibrations throughout the body. The stream of vibrations is relaxing, after the concert we feel light and calm, we free ourselves from unnecessary, disturbing thoughts.

Ticket cost
£25 per person

Early birds till 15th January – £20 per ticket!!!

Come and join us:)
More information on:

[email protected]
Tel: 07894 988183 Dorota Kubala


29 Jan 2022


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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