The Spring Vibre with Leszek Sulich

The Full Sound Bath
Leszek Sulich and Sounds Of Harmony

Join us for the evening of healing sound bath of the Gongs, crystal bowls, and other ethnic instruments that has a beneficial effect on the entire body, both physically and mentally. The vibration generated from the gong stimulates the feeling of peace, helps to release tension and blockages, even deeply embedded in our cells. The sounds of the gong reach us not only through hearing but also through the sensation of acoustic vibrations throughout the body. The stream of vibrations is relaxing, after the concert we feel light and calm, and we free ourselves from unnecessary, disturbing thoughts.

The concert will be led by Leszek Sylwester Sulich from The Sound of Harmony.

The mindful breathwork and yoga relaxation exercise will be conducted by Tomasz Kuropatwiński.

The Full Sound Bath will take place on the 1st of May 2022 at 5:00 pm

We will welcome you with a Moroccan tea ritual and a sweet treat; it will be time to get to know each other, reset and open up to experiencing high vibrations and deep release.

Full Program

From 5 pm we invite you to our space for informal chats, meeting new friends and organizers. We will serve you a sweet refreshing Moroccan Tea, a ritual of hospitality, slowing down the rhythm of the day and entering a state of relaxation and letting you settle down in the beautifully calming energy of the Barn. Plus tea, coffee, biscuits, and Moroccan dates.

6:00 pm We will begin our journey within with mindful breathwork exercise and light yoga stretching

6:20 pm The Door will be locked !!!!!

6:20 pm Leszek Sulich will introduce us to deep meditation through the sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, and other ethnic instruments.

Around 8:00 pm Back to the world with light stretching.

After the concert, there will be a time and space for sharing your experience, inhaling the uplifting atmosphere, and sipping the cuppa in the Barn or next to the warming wood firepit in the garden.

The Gong Bath

“Operation of gongs and bowls in the human energy field. The vibrations of gongs and bowls have the power to restore peace and natural order to our body and psyche. They have a light-like wave characteristic and can carry encoded information. Deep cleansing and restoring the natural vibrations of our cells is the basic function of gongs and bowls.

It is up to the gong player and his consciousness what information is conveyed.

The vibrations of the gong cleanse the aura and the energy field of the listeners as well as the space in which they are located.

They can also remove unwanted patterns from our field and energetic attachments.

Operation of the gong in the spiritual field.

The gong sings the Aum mantra, or the mantra that connects us to the divine Source.

Thanks to its very wide frequency spectrum, from very low tones which are grounding to high tones which connect our crown chakra with the realization of dreams. It is an example of unity with the cosmos and the universe, thanks to which we can connect with the Source, i.e. the Spirit, and with Mother Earth, i.e. universal Love.

The gong works strongly in the subconscious field, thanks to which it is a perfect carrier of our intentions which, through consciousness, go to the Source to be realized there.

Leszek Sulich

The Tea Ceremony

Participation in the ceremony is therapeutic – it helps you relax and inspires you to cherish small things like tea, and enjoy its fragrance and sweet taste with greater enthusiasm. The cultivated slow brewing process, Moroccans call “Inshas Allah” or “With God’s will, all good things come with time.” It’s a great reminder to slow down, relax, be patient, and really feel the world around us with all of your senses.

Leszek Sylester Sulich

Leszek has been on his journey with gongs for 15 years. The path he decided to follow in this life opened its door for him during his first gong bath session and through shamanic rituals. Leszek`s path has been preceded by various experiences, such as Tai chi, NHS Spiritual Healing, and Hookah. He has been veg since 1981, worked with water purifying starches and dry ones; stayed in the Dark Room combined with dry fasting and meditation several times. ” It all allowed me to find myself and the music.”



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01 May 2022


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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