Tibetan Meditation with Tansy Miller via Zoom

Sunday 12th June 2022 | 10.30 am – 12.00 pm via Zoom

Cost: £10

Tansy Miller hosts the latest of her regular morning sessions of meditation grounded in the gentle yet powerful techniques of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Suitable for everyone, even if you’re new to meditation, please just find yourself a comfy cushion or chair to sit on, a quiet space to be in, and let Tansy guide you through a meditation session to inspire, calm and rebalance you.

We will explore some of the key meditation instructions from the wonderfully rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. These sessions are open to everyone.

This week we will focus on bringing mindful presence to awareness itself, working with our mind to access our innate compassion and sacred outlook.

The Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition incorporates a wide variety of skillful methods for working with our minds to become happier, more aware, and more stable. This workshop introduces some simple but effective ways of involving our body, speech and mind in our meditation practice through mantra, breathing/postures, hand mudras and visualisation.

No previous experience is necessary and all techniques can be adapted to suit your capacity.


Meditation helps us to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state of mind and well-being. Tansy’s sessions are influenced by the essence of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice. It is a gentle and accessible introduction to this ancient wisdom and how it can be incorporated into everyday life.


Tansy has been practicing meditation since 1996. Her principal teacher is Kyabje Chime Rinpoche, one of the first Tibetan Lamas to come to England in 1963.

Tansy aims to bring the living spirituality and authentic instructions from her teacher and this vibrant lineage to modern meditators in their everyday lives. Tansy currently works for a health organisation and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Dharma Trust.


Price: £10. Booking is required in advance. Please contact us to pay. You will then receive the Zoom link for the session.

E: [email protected] T: 01223 892562


12 Jun 2022


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




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