The Angelic & Devic Kingdom – William Meader workshop

The Angelic Life in nature is the intelligence & beauty within all creation.

Sunday 10th May from 10am – 5.30pm at Abington Barn
With William Meader – International Teacher of Esoteric Wisdom
Author of ‘Shine Forth – The Soul’s Magical Journey’

William is dedicated to promoting the spiritual journey and evolution of human consciousness.

William Meader will, as part of his current international series of lectures and workshops, be returning to Cambridgeshire on Sunday 10th May 2020. He will present a one-day workshop ‘The Angelic & Devic Kingdom’ at Abington Barn Courses for Holistic Living.

Come to this inspiring workshop and find out:

• How the Angelic Kingdom is influencing our lives – each and every day;

• The Spiritual role of your ‘Guardian Angel’ and the ‘Angel of Death.’

• The difference between Solar and Lunar Angels & how they work within us;

• How Angels give ‘form’ to human creativity;

• How angels evolve through various stages of angelic existence.

Come and join us for what will be a creative and inspiring workshop! William is a gifted teacher dedicated to assisting students in the refinement of the higher abstract mind in order that they might align with the soul’s creative intention.

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The Angelic & Devic Kingdom

Angels, in the Esoteric tradition, are somtimes called Devas and are said to be ‘the carriers of life.’ They exist as a parallel evolution to humanity and, although separate, they are deeply involved in the expansion of humanity’s consciousness.

Intimately connected to Mother Nature using the language of symbol, colour and sound, they facilitate our evolution as well as the upliftment of all life on Earth.

About William Meader

William is a respected and influential teacher of Esoteric Philosophy and Wisdom. He holds a masters degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Esoteric Philosophy. He presents lectures, seminars, and workshops in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and publishes a wide variety of articles and videos on esoteric topics. He uses his gift as a communicator of this philosophy to nurture a deeper understanding of the spiritual path, both from an individual and global perspective. This is your opportunity to take part in William’s current world tour as he returns to Abington Barn on Sunday May 10th 2020 for his 5th Annual Workshop.

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Please note that places are limited.


10 May 2020


10:00 am - 5:30 pm


£65 (early bird until a April)

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