The Barn was conceived by Celia and John to provide a venue in the Cambridge area for the training and development of life enhancing skills. It is our intention that the Barn will only be used for activities that compliment and work in harmony with spirit, light energy and healing, and we incorporated a garden to encourage attunement with nature.

The rooms are wheel chair friendly and there is a tea room/kitchenette with fridge and sink for the preparation of teas and coffees. Access to the main room of the Barn is via a reception area where students can meet each other and the tutor whilst registering.

We have parking around the Barn for approximately twenty cars and we can accommodate more in adjacent areas. We have illustrated the scope of the courses we are looking to deliver in the list that follows. This is not definitive and can be added to as tutors and subjects are identified.

If you are a student and you have a group of like minded souls then contact us to discuss arranging a tutor and class to facilitate your needs. We aim to develop a mailing list that you can join and we hope to produce a news letter that we can post on the web site for those who are interested.

If you are a tutor seeking a spiritual location in which to teach then we hope that we can provide a special place that will enhance your teaching and allow you to pass on the knowledge that you are gifted with.

Monthly evening meetings:

Psychic Development:
2nd Wednesday each month at 7.30pm


Saturday afternoon 17th November 2018: HeartArt with Lizze Simpson. Full details here...

Saturday and Sunday 24-25th November 2018: Inviting Intimacy. Full details to follow.

Saturday morning 1st December 2018: Yin and Yang Yoga for you workshop with Vimala Donna. Full details here...

Saturday 16th December 2018: The Heart of a Woman with Louise de Caux. Full details...


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